Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!
Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!

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Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!
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Slots Gambling Information

Basics Strategy Tips

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TIP 1.
Don't be confused or intimidated by today's new breed of slots. Each year a new crop of slots hits the casino floor -- with their gimmicky names (Cool Millions, Top Cat), theme reels (cows, frogs, spaceships), and digital sound effects.

But beneath their fancy facades, all slots are basically alike. They're simply boxes housing the slots' hardware and software produced by the manufacturer. And they all work on the same principle: put in one or more coins and wait and see whether you won or lost.

TIP 2.
Do leave home without them! Your checkbook, ATM card, debit card, and all credit cards but one. Use this one for out-of-pocket expenses only: meals, shows, shopping, etc.
Take only the money you can afford to lose. And set a loss limit for each day. When this is gone, your gambling for the day is over. No borrowing from the next day's allotted bankroll. And keep away from those ubiquitous cash-advance machines. Playing with plastic will come back to haunt you when the bank statements start coming in.

TIP 3.
Set realistic goals. Don't go into a casino with the idea of making money. Steve Wynn, CEO of Mirage Resorts, said, "The only way to make money in a casino is to own one." They don't build those ritzy mega-resorts and cruise-to-nowhere riverboats on winners.

TIP 4.
Know how slots work. Today's slots are controlled by a miniature computer (microprocessor) that generates hundreds of win-loss symbols every second, 24 hours a day, weather the slot is being played or not. And since the computer's generation of win-loss symbols is 100% random, no one can predict what symbol will appear on the screen and when.
So beware of ads or mail-order offers promising some "secret" or "sure-fire" way of beating the slots. They're mostly worthless, out-of-date, or out-and-out scams. Ask yourself: If you found a way to make millions off the slot machines, would you sell it?

TIP 5.
Understand percentage payback. Like cloned sheep, slots may look alike, but they don't pay alike. The higher a slot's percentage payback, the better chance you have to win. But you can't tell by looking at a slot what its payback percentage is, unless it's posted on the slot. Asking slot floor personnel won't help. They probably won't know.
Theoretically, a slot with an advertised 95% payback will return $95 out of every $l00 put into it and keep $5 as profit. But 95% is just an average figure, meaning that the slot will pay back 95% of all the coins put into it, not to just one player, but to all its players (hundreds, maybe thousands), and in no set pattern or period of time - just eventually.
So if you were to drop $100 in a slot with a known payback of 95%, you probably wouldn't get back exactly $95 in the time you were at that slot.

TIP 6.
Play the right slots. Whatever denomination slot you choose to play, stick to the 2-coin, 3-reel non-progressive, single-payline slot with the lowest top jackpot (1000 to 5000 coins). The lower the top jackpot, the more frequent the smaller paybacks and the better the odds
of winning. The bigger the top jackpot (10,000 to 50,000 coins), the fewer smaller paybacks and the greater the odds against you.
And run, don't walk, past any slot with four or more reels! Each added reel increases the odds against you by the millions.

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