Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!
Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!

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Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!
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Most casinos will provide bonuses for first-time deposits only. However, many offer a loyalty program to reward players for consistent play. Like those in any land-based casino, these comp programs track every dollar you wager and reward you with a predetermined number of comp points that are redeemable for cash, credits, or, in some cases, vacations, collectibles and other prizes. If this sort of thing appeals to you, then once you�ve found a compatible casino, stick with it. You�ll be surprised at how quickly those points add up.

If you�ve made it this far then congratulations, you can put that all research behind you, you�ve found your online gaming home. Now that you�re ready to register, I strongly suggest providing the casino with one email address, and only one. Even if you have several email accounts, I recommend setting up one more to be used exclusively for all your online gaming activity, be it at one casino or many. If you give the casino more than one, even by mistake, you run the risk of being locked out. It only makes sense that, with millions of dollars at stake, the casinos must watch out for signs of fraud. Consequently, players who hold multiple accounts are often unwittingly flagged as potential bonus abusers.

Another crucial piece of advice would be for you to know your games. Basic knowledge will substantially increase your odds for success. A tremendous advantage online players have over players at land-based casinos is the ability to keep strategy books, cards, and/or tips on hand. Better yet, you can keep an online strategy program running in the background to guide you through a variety of gaming scenarios. Informed decisions result in more profitable game play.

Along the same lines, if a casino gives you the option of checking your �player history,� do so. This record includes information on every bet you make and the outcome of every hand (including yours vs. the dealer�s). Not only can you monitor exactly how much you�re spending, you can also analyze your play, identify your weaknesses and improve your game. If there is no online player history option available, a pad of paper and a pen will do in a pinch.

Finally, take a screen shot after every win, no matter how big or small. Should your computer crash or you drop your Internet connection, you�ll have solid evidence of your success. To do this, keep the winning hand on your screen, hold down the �Alt� key and hit �PrtSc� (Print Screen). Then open your graphics program (i.e. �Paint�), go to �Edit� and choose �Paste.� Save the image to your hard drive. When it comes to cashing out, a good offence is always good defense.

These tips cover the basics of online gaming but are by no means all-inclusive. Make it a part of your regular practice to consult forums, message boards and customer support and you can�t go wrong. Best of luck!


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