Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!
Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!

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Casino Locator...The Best Online Gambling Guide!!
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Casino Gambling Information

Basics Strategy Tips Safe Gambling Quotes 10 Commandments


1) Educate yourself. Be prepared for any casino visit. Become able and profit will follow! Knowledge is power in any casino.
2) Play only those games and strategies that have less than a 3% casino advantage.
3) Practice progressive betting: after every win up your bet by at least half of your previous win. After a loss, go back to minimum bet.


4) Certain Slots and full-pay Video Poker.
5) Blackjack - locate the 'dealer must stand on all 17's' tables.
6) Craps with correct strategies.
7) Mini-Baccarat & single-zero Roulette.
8) Pai-Gow Poker & Live Poker
9) SportsBook and Bingo.

TEN WORST BETS: Casino edge 3%+

10) Keno and Big Wheel
11) Double-zero Roulette & Caribbean Poker.
12) Let It Ride and Red Dog.
13) Blackjack with no basic strategy, and any proposition, field bet, BIG 6/8, or "middle bet" on the craps table.
14) Video Poker with no strategy and no knowledge of difference between full-pay and short-pay machines. Slots that have less than a 98% payback.


15) Blackjack: single deck tables, no double down restrictions, re-splitting, surrender; all above are player advantage rules. Use the 7-up method of play.
16) Craps: keep pass line and come bets at table minimums.
17) Make odds bets (after count established) with as much as your bankroll will allow. This is where the money is made at the craps tables.
18) Mini-baccarat: one decision to make - bet player or banker hand. This is an easier game to learn than blackjack and has a low casino advantage.
19) Pai-Gow Poker: rank of 5-card hand must be higher than the two-card low hand.
20) Live Poker: Two popular card room games are: Seven-Card Stud and Texas Hold 'Em.

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